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Cumulus Studio is a Tasmanian Architecture & Design Studio based in both Launceston and Hobart.
May 19 '12

Sydney Laneways

Cumulus recently teamed up with Futago to submit a proposal for Sydney’s Laneway Art and City Spaces.  To follow is an extract from our submission.

Wandering George street, just heading from A to B, a small piece of lush green ground catches the eye. As though some movement of the ground underneath had cleaved two steep-sided buildings apart, Abercrombie Lane is the lush fissure that remains.  In the tearing apart, it is almost as though a piece of original ground is revealed - a tiny sliver of riverbank perhaps - heading to a stream that is no more.

This public artwork will reclad the ground of a narrow, sloping lane off George Street with artificial turf. The turf will undulate as it touches the buildings on either side, as if it might represent the movement of water, draining down the river bank. Originally a source of fresh water for Sydney, the Tank Stream is an invisible key to the city’s settlement. Abercrombie Lane leads down to Tank Stream Way, which is part of the line of the watercourse that Sydney was built around.  While the stream itself is hidden in tunnels under the pavements and buildings, the slope of Abercrombie Lane is a place where it is still possible to read the original topography of the riverbank.

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